Curriculum For Primary and Middle 

The aims of LCS is to foster in pupils a sense of personal worth, promote their welfare, and help each achievement to his or her potential. We provide the opportunity for the child to have a variety of experiences, skills, attitudes, concepts, analytical thinking, and knowledge to fully develop each of their potentials.

We ensure to develop inquisitive minds that children exhibit about themselves and their world and use their curiosity to foster positive attitudes towards learning, as they identify problems, investigate and find solutions for them. These problem solving develops skills that are critical for both their academic success and success in the wider world.

Children’s imagination and creativity are enhanced by offering a wide range of experiences like using music, drama, P.E., and art as a means of expression so that the students can develop the ability to express feelings through the creative and expressive studies and become sensible and mindful citizens.

The components of our well-rounded framework place students on a path for lifelong success. We follow a holistic approach that includes a strong foundation in academic subjects whilst also focusing on services, collaboration, and leadership. The academic program is more-focused and in-depth while providing more opportunities for self-learning and research.

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