Curriculum For Eary Years 

Early year’s education plays a crucial role during the developing period of the child and gives a head start towards their bright future. Every child is unique which is why we individually focus on each one. Socializing, playing, and learning in a safe learning environment is what makes our educational process fun.

The colorful thematical resource-rich classrooms deeply inspire our young twinkling stars and promote the love of education. The use of iPads, tabs, and LCDs makes learning innovative. Pre-school teachers are well trained to provide variations to deliver their thematic curriculum.

The warm and nurturing environment of our classrooms where we work for cognitive, social, emotional, and language development to strengthen learning programs. The focus is on phonemic awareness, the child learns each letter of the alphabet has a distinct sound and he or she must master them in order to start reading. Adding on, we also focus on the concepts of Urdu, Grammar, and Numbers. Meetings are organized with parents twice a month to ensure the child’s personality development. Character building activities foster the development of ethical and responsible behavior by teaching individuals about the good values they should have such as honesty, responsibility, and other important traits necessary for being an upstanding citizen.

Gymnastics, aerobics, and different structured games for kids to enhance their physical development. Providing an outlet for kids to develop skills like strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, sportsman spirit, and body control, all while laying a strong foundation for a healthy habit of physical fitness throughout a child’s lifetime.